Melik Ohanian – Transvariation

Transvariation (2014) materializes the 12 international research stations of the Arctic continent which carried out, between 1881 and 1884, the first climatological studies of the region which still serve today as referents (standard) for the observation of the climatic variations of our planet. Transposed in the form of 12 balls of glass containing a luminous device, this map documents and replays the temperature variations observed in the manner of a partition of light.

Every glass ball is drilled and a LED spot is placed in the interior; all the LED are connected to a mini computer that manage the intensity of each light. The glass balls are placed on a thin wall and they are hung in an invisible way. The map is drawn white on white with a translucent paint.

Artiste: Melik Ohanian
Date: 2014
Lieu: galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris
Competences: Recherche, conception technique, realisation